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Many families are living internationally in some way. It is not unusual that some married couples come from two different countries. When property or business interests are owned in multiple countries, or the parties reside in multiple residences located in different countries, the divorce process can become complex.

While San Francisco divorce Attorney Diana Romanovska is mostly focused on German and California divorce law, she has networked with matrimonial counsel internationally to provide you with appropriate advice and effective representation.

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The Challenges of International Divorce

As populations and demographics have become increasingly diverse, international marriages, foreign-born children, and the ownership of property in multiple countries has become more common as well. All of these factors contribute to making divorce between such couples more complicated and difficult to navigate.

The key issues you should be prepared to go over in international divorce include:

  • - Child custody: International child custody has become an increasing point of concern when it comes to divorce. With many cases involving the displacement and removal of foreign-born children, it’s important to equip yourself with an experienced San Francisco family lawyer that can help fight to keep your children near.
  • - Property division: When a couple owns property in two different countries, those two countries may have differing laws as to the division and distribution of the property between the divorcing couple. The right international divorce attorney will utilize legal resources in both countries to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

Couples involved in international divorces will also need to tackle issues including the division of debt, spousal support, and child support.

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