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  • What to Expect When Going to Court: At Court
    For the average person, heading to court to deal with a family law issue, like a divorce and everything it entails, can be intimidating. The setting ...
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  • Arranging Payments: Child & Spousal Support
    There are a number of ways to pay out spousal and child support expenses, depending on what works best for you and your family. Finding a payment ...
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  • What Is Family Court?
    Our legal system has many different types of courts. Each court generally handles a different type of law. For example, criminal matters are generally ...
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  • How to Get Information About Your Family Law Case
    What do you do when you need information about what’s going on in your case? Do you have a hearing coming up? Did the court file that document? Do you ...
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  • The New Year and Taxes
    The new year is coming - what does that mean for your divorce and tax filing status? When you get a divorce, your tax filing status changes in the ...
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  • Residency Requirements
    What are residency requirements? Residency requirements are laws set out by each state. These laws tell us who is permitted to use the courts in that ...
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  • Automatic Restraining Orders
    What are automatic restraining orders? When you get divorced, something called “automatic restraining orders” go into effect. You can find a list of ...
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  • Name Restoration
    In California, either spouse can change their name (or choose not to change their name) when they get married. Either spouse can also ask for ...
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