Status Only Judgment

What is a status only judgment?

A status only judgment is an order from the court that restores the parties in a divorce to the status of single persons, without ending jurisdiction over the other issues in the case, like division of assets and debts, support, and custody.

Why would someone want a status only judgment?

The two most common reasons people want status only judgment is so that they can remarry and for filing taxes. Until you have received the status of a single person, which usually comes at the end of the divorce case, you cannot remarry and you cannot file taxes as a single person. With a status only judgment, you can remarry and file taxes as single (or married, with your new spouse). Status only judgment allows you get single status, without having to have every issue in your divorce settled. You can be single and then work on finding solutions for the rest of the issues.

How do I get a status only judgment?

You get a status only judgment by filing a request for order with the court for “bifurcation.” This means that you are asking the court to split your case into two pieces – the married/single piece, and everything else.

When can I ask for a status only judgment? When will it go into effect?

You can ask the court for a status only judgment after all preliminary financial disclosures have been exchanged and any retirement accounts that require it have been joined to the case.

You can receive status only judgment no sooner than six months and one day after the respondent was served with the petition, just like a regular divorce case.

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