Limited Scope Representation

What is limited scope representation?

Limited scope of representation is a way to get the help of an attorney for some parts of your case but not for the whole thing.

There are different types of limited scope representation:

  • By time or hearing – for this type of representation, the attorney represents a party for one hearing, for a hearing and any continuance, until an order is submitted after a hearing, for a certain period of time, or until an issue is resolved.
  • By issue – for this type of representation, the attorney represents a party for one or more issues, such as child support, spousal support, restraining orders, or property division. The representation will last until that issue is resolved.

Why would I want to use limited scope representation?

Limited scope representation can be a useful way to save money if you do not need help in your whole matter. You will get help with the parts that are too complicated or too contentious for you to handle yourself, while still doing work on the other areas of your case.

Not all cases are appropriate for limited scope representation. Sometimes the issues are too intertwined for an attorney to help with only one issue. Talk to an attorney about your case to see if limited scope representation will work for you.

How do I get limited scope representation?

When you talk to an attorney, ask them if they do limited scope representation or if they can help with some parts of your case but not the whole thing. Make sure you and your attorney are both very clear and on the same page about what issues the attorney is helping with and what issues you will handle yourself. It’s important that you both know this so that nothing gets missed. You and your attorney will sign a form called a “Notice of Limited Scope Representation” that lets the court and the other side know that the attorney is only working on some areas of your case. By signing that form, you agree that you will sign a substitution after the scope is done so that the attorney is not representing you anymore.

Have questions about limited scope representation? Would you like to find out if it’s right for your case? Contact us at Romanovska Law.



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