Family Law in the News: Sherri Shephard

People Magazine reports that Sherri Shepherd will be required to keep her name on the birth certificate of a child born to her and her ex-husband via a surrogate. Sherri will also be required to continue paying spousal support. ruling came from a Pennsylvania appeals court and is not binding in the State of California.However, this ruling shows the law and court systems working to catch up with technology, in this case reproductive technology.This matter involves a more unusual situation, where a married couple agreed to have a child via surrogacy but split up before the birth of the child. After the split, one party no longer wanted to be involved in the child’s life or responsible for the child.When many of the laws on the books were originally drafted, issues such as in vitro fertilization, the use of donor sperm or eggs, and surrogacy were not in existence or on the minds of the writers. Today the court must work to figure out how to apply current laws to these new situations.As a family law attorney, I try to keep up with issues like this so that I better represent my clients in any situation they may present to me.

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Romanovska Law does not represent Sherri Shepherd or any other party involved in this case in this or any other matter. This post is written to discuss advancement and changes in family law and is not a representation or guarantee of any issues to be addressed in this or any other matter.


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