Mediation and Orientation

In California, if parents can’t agree on custody and timeshare for their children, they are required to go to mediation. At mediation, they will work with a third party to try to reach agreements about custody and timeshare.

Each county does its mediation a little bit differently. Some counties have what is called “recommending mediation” which means that after the mediation if the parents have not reached an agreement on all issues, the mediator will write up a report with recommendations about what should be done for the unresolved issues. This report will go to the judge as well as the parties.

Other counties have confidential mediation, where any agreements between the parties are written up but if the parties can’t agree, nothing from the mediation appointment can be used in court.

Before going to mediation, most Bay Area counties require the parents to attend orientation. Some counties require in-person attendance and some allow for online attendance. Orientation gives parents information about what to expect in mediation and information about custody, timeshare, and how to come up with a proposed schedule. Orientation helps parents be prepared for mediation and allows them to get the most out of their time with the mediator.

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