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  • I don't want a divorce but my spouse does.
    Sometimes both spouses are not on the same page when it comes to getting divorced. This is understandable and common, given the emotions involved in ...
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  • Do you really need a lawyer for your divorce?
    Do you really need a lawyer for your divorce? The answer is a very lawyerly one – it depends. Where the parties are amicable and able to reach ...
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  • I Want a Divorce. Now What?
    Once you’ve decided you want to get divorced, there are several things you can do to get the process started and going as smoothly as possible. Please ...
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  • Limited Scope Representation
    What is limited scope representation? Limited scope of representation is a way to get the help of an attorney for some parts of your case but not for ...
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  • Who can I talk to during my divorce?
    Now that you’ve filed for divorce, or you’ve been served, what are the rules for who can talk to each other? Who will the court contact? Neither party ...
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  • Summary Dissolution
    What is a summary dissolution? A summary dissolution is a type of divorce that you can use when there is a short marriage, little property and debt, ...
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  • Quasi-Community Property
    What is quasi-community property? The general definition of community property is property acquired during a marriage. Quasi-community property is ...
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  • Status Only Judgment
    What is a status only judgment? A status only judgment is an order from the court that restores the parties in a divorce to the status of single ...
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